International gathering of Bible Agencies focuses on defining the Bible gap.

By April 21, 2005

International (MNN) — More than 2600 language groups don’t have the Bible translated into their heart language. That’s why an international gathering of Bible agencies met to discuss where the greatest Bible translation needs are, and what to do about it.

The forum brought together more than 20 major Bible translation and distribution agencies as well as a large number of national representatives who are doing translation work in their countries around the world.

The Seed Company’s Roy Peterson says it’s an exciting partnership, one that helps to define the Bible gap and fill in that gap more effectively.

“So it’s strategic planning, it’s working together, it’s fellowship, it’s team-building. All of this is a way the body of Christ is working together today, like I’ve never seen before in the history of Christian work. It’s really quite exciting to see,” says Peterson.

The Seed Company works through nationals to translate the Bible in key parts of the world needing Scripture, and Peterson says believers everywhere can help by supporting the work.

“It’s amazing how commited believers are to the Word of God. Even though we ourselves are not always in the Word as often as we want and it’s not as big a part of our life as we wish it was, and we don’t make time for it like we should. We still have this understanding that, how could anybody…how could anybody ever really know God without the Word in their language. How can they have sermons, how can they have worship songs without the Scriptures?”

Peterson says the passion for spreading God’s Word is catching others, “So as we share this vision with people, there’s this Spirit-led electricity that people are drawn to being involved. We have tremendous response to prayer initiatives to pray for the Bible-less peoples.”

The Forum focused on Indonesia, Nigeria and Papua New Guinea are three of the top countries needing translation efforts. But they also discussed India, because it’s also an area needing major focus for Bible translation efforts. Peterson explains why, “India is probably one of the biggest Bible-needing [countries]-because of the enormous population, over a billion people. That’s why we focused on it as one of the key parts of the world.”

The Forum has a special website you can visit to find Bible resources for various countries around the world. Visit to find out more.

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