International pressure builds toward a Ukrainian runoff; believers use the opportunity for outreach.

By December 3, 2004

Ukraine (MNN)–Another election looms in Ukraine. It’s an attempt to peacefully resolve the bitter leadership contest.

Thousands remained on the streets in protest, despite an agreement. New Ukrainian elections look increasingly likely as Parliament and the Supreme Court press ahead with efforts to resolve the national crisis.

Association of Baptists for World Evangelism’s Scott Carter has been watching the crowds from their offices in downtown Kiev.

Carter says they’ve been careful when crafting their response. “When people are unsettled, they realize that things are happening that are out of their control, and they look for answers. Opportunities for ministry have been just exploding. We’ve been trying to respond appropriately.”

However, Carter says because of the openness, they’re urging local Christians to prayer and involvement. Many at this time are open to the Gospel.

A call to prayer is forcing churches to respond. “Historically, churches in Ukraine have been decidedly anti-political, totally. What I’m suggesting is not to be necessarily pro-political, but pro-ministry…to use these opportunities since people are asking questions, and are nervous about the future, to use those opportunities to further what God wants to do.”

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