The evacuation of a missionary school in the Ivory Coast is complete.

By December 3, 2004

Ivory Coast (MNN)–The Evangelical Baptist Missions indicates that their partner school in the Ivory Coast has completed its evacuation plan.

The evacuation became necessary after earlier accords fell apart and unrest erupted near the campus. South African President Thabo Mbeki is headed back to the strife-torn Ivory Coast for a second attempt to revive failed peace efforts.

A low-level civil war begun in two years ago continues to divide the country between rebel-north and government-south.

Meanwhile, the United Nations has issued an arms embargo and threatened to impose targeted sanctions on December 15th should there be no progress towards peace.

Rather than taking a ‘wait and see’ attitude, the International Christian Academy staff and students evacuated, a similar scenario repeated nearly a year earlier.

The group is reported safe in Mali. The ICA group is now beginning the process of separating. Some will head to the U-S, some to other stations around west Africa.

Pray for those who’ve had to leave, for those heading up the details of the separation process, and for the witness they’ve had with many French soldiers who were stationed on-campus.

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