Two new ministries at InterVarsity

By January 24, 2014
InterVarsity adds two
InterVarsity adds two

(Image courtesy InterVarsity)

USA (InterVarsity/MNN) — 2014 is bringing Gospel opportunities to U.S. college campuses. Two new InterVarsity Christian Fellowship ministries will be reaching out to athletes and artists.

Both ministries have been growing steadily from small beginnings and have spread to campuses across the country in the three years since InterVarsity’s last staff conference.

Athletes InterVarsity is directed by Maghan Perez, who came on staff with InterVarsity after her career as a Division I Ice Hockey and Lacrosse athlete at the University of New Hampshire. Athletes InterVarsity desires to see the whole athletic community reached: teams, coaches, athletes, trainers, and support staff.

“My heart for this ministry was born out of numerous painful experiences within athletics,” said Maghan. “The desire to be a part of helping launch this movement came from the realization that our teammates and other athletes need to hear and experience God’s love.”

More than 1,600 athletes are already involved in the ministry on almost 40 campuses.

InterVarsity’s Arts Ministry is directed by Dick Ryan, a long-time InterVarsity staff member based in Chicago, and is designed to create welcoming communities of artists (musicians, architects, painters, media/film producers, dancers, writers, architects, etc.) in colleges and conservatories across the country.

“Our goal is to equip artists to take Jesus with them wherever they go because artists create cultural statements through their work that influence many,” says Ryan.

Those involved in athletics, and to some degree the arts, are focused on performance. But the performance dynamic changes when the athlete and the artist offer their talents to God, rather than solely competing against others.

According to NCAA statistics, there were over 460,000 student athletes last year. InterVarsity says around 10% of students on a typical campus are involved in the arts.

Pray that InterVarsity’s new ministries will reach more people in athletic and artistic communities with the Gospel.

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