InterVarsity’s Greek Conference descends on North Carolina

By February 6, 2009

USA (MNN) — There are more than 750,000 American
college students involved in the University Greek System.

Many wind up carrying their connections through their
professional lives after graduation. Greek Alumni make up 30% of Fortune 500 company executives, 48% of all U.S. presidents, 40% of
all Supreme Court Justices, 30% of all U.S. Congress, and 42% of the U.S.
Senate. It's clear that the Greek system
trains young people in leadership qualities.

Yet, it's an area largely untouched by para-church
organizations. InterVarsity Christian Fellowship asks this question: What if these students commited
their lives to Christ? And what if these
students were equipped to be Christian leaders, parents, and members
of tomorrow's society?

If these young people were reached early on, think of how
that could effect the nation in the advance of Christ.

in fraternities and sororities are confronted with daily challenges to their
faith. They need encouragement and guidance to walk
through the pitfalls and vices they encounter through the Greek system. That's
where InterVarsity comes in.

InterVarsity's Andy Dalton says once the students get involved with InterVarsity, the
ministry carries its own momentum. "If we can come
along and show students the fact that their brothers and sisters and friends are
actually lost–that they don't know Christ and don't have a future, their
hearts actually change, and they get excited about reaching their friends
with the Gospel."

This week, the 15th annual InterVarsity Greek Conference is being held in Charlotte, North
Carolina. The conference provides students opportunity to discuss issues of
life and ministry in fraternities and sororities on U.S. college campuses.

It also provides training for students who want to do
ministry in their Greek system on campus. Because of the interest, Greek Conferences have also been held in Southern California and  Indianapolis. Greek Conference Charlotte begins today and wraps up on Sunday.

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