Invest in a leader, change a community

By October 24, 2022

East Africa (MNN) — Sometimes, when you give financially towards a cause or project, you do so trusting God with the results. You may never hear what that one gift did, but you trust God to use it as He sees fit.

Once in a while, the Lord allows you to see what He does with the funds you steward. For example, Set Free Ministries equipped teachers and pastors in East Africa with help from its donors.

Last year, in partnership with World Mission, we were able to supply our teachers with audio Bibles, as well as the African Study Bible,” Set Free’s International Director Dave McIntyre says.

A recent visit allowed these leaders to say “thanks.” When one teacher stood up to talk about his audio Bible, “I could see it was completely worn out because he had used [it] so much,” McIntyre says.

“This is a man hearing the Word of God for the very first time in a format he really understands and can dig into.”

Access to Scripture in his heart language enables this teacher to grow in his faith and knowledge of God. With the tools provided by Set Free, this teacher – and many like him – can combat false teachings and help their communities find freedom in Christ.

“About halfway through, he got too choked up to talk. He was embarrassed; he had to walk away and go behind one of the buildings to have a good cry. His testimony alone was worth going to Africa to hear,” McIntyre says.

Learn more about Set Free Ministries’ international work here. Ask the Holy Spirit to guide these African leaders as they disciple the people around them.

“Unfortunately, a lot of our pastors in East Africa have little to no theological training. Getting those tools in their hands [has] just been fantastic,” McIntyre says.



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