Iran defiant in face of sanctions; ministry comforts youth

By September 24, 2008

Iran (MNN)
— An Iranian military official this week threatened retaliation against
aggressive enemies.

Tehran is
not showing signs of giving up uranium enrichment or heeding other
international demands, leading to international pressure and the threat of
increased sanctions.

In fact,
relations appear to be going in a different direction altogether. Nourali
Shoushtari, the Deputy Commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC)
ground forces Brigadier General, has been quoted as saying, "We will cut off
hands of any enemy before being stretched towards our country." 

Harder with SAT-7 says an ongoing instability results in huge response to the SAT-7 PARS
broadcasts into Iran. "Two-thirds
of the people in Iran are young people, under the age of 25. They're very
worried about what might happen if another war would break out, and they're
watching the broadcasts. Another interesting phenomenon that's going on right
now, as well as the political things that are changing, is also social

As more
young Iranians admit disillusionment, they are wondering about what the Gospel
teaches.  Harder says technology allows
them to speak directly to this generation. "Young people do like to connect, primarily through the internet
and through text messaging. In our Pars broadcast for Iran, we have a Web site;
it's streaming. We also have chat rooms, and there's an interesting phenomena from
putting up these chat rooms: somebody will be watching, and they'll have a
question, a theological question, and they'll want to know more."

SAT-7 is receiving
more than double last year's amount of text responses and contacts from viewers
watching their programming. The team
posts them on the air almost immediately, a move that is already popular among
viewers in the region. 

Harder says
they're also Web streaming, or broadcasting the programs live on the
Internet.  Sometimes, communication through such technology functions like
a church. 

The staff recently
received a message from a viewer who was a new believer and had questions about
faith-related issues. The Christian
community immediately responded with Scripture and words of help from their own

Aside from
the interactive programming, SAT-7 PARS is producing new shows that directly
address issues their viewers face.  According
to the writer of this original series, "The Challenge was made to improve and
develop the faith of believers and young people who have recently come to have
faith in Christ, because new Christians will face many unique challenges and
difficulties as they begin their spiritual journeys."

Some of the
first episodes cover issues such as horoscopes and fortune tellers, blaming others
and being humble, and being an undisciplined Christian. "God Told Me" is
designed to help young believers understand how to seek and understand God's
will for their lives.

Prayer and
funding are needed to keep this project healthy. Click here if you can help.


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