Iranian Christians in England receive training and encouragement.

By September 29, 2004

England (MNN) — In the Muslim world, Iranians are the most responsive people to the Gospel.

Whether it is from the focused prayer effort in the past 25 years, or due to difficulties they face in their own country, or because they are dissatisfied with the way things are in Iran–whatever the reasons, Iranians are very responsive to the Gospel, unusually so among Muslims.

Interserve partners, Mark and Shelley (names changed for confidentiality), work with Elam Ministries in London, England. They’re helping strengthen and expand the church in Iran by training Farsi-speaking Christians to take the Gospel to their own people.

Elam Ministries serves Farsi-speakers through a Bible college, a relief and development agency, literature and media departments, and a Bible translation team. With the commitment to carry out the Great Commission, Elam is focused on helping the Iranian church grow.

Mark, with Interserve says, “What Elam wants to see accomplished, first of all, would be that millions of Iranians can hear the Gospel. Of course, being in a country where it’s 99-percent Islamic, you don’t get many opportunities to hear about Christ. And so one of the first goals is to create the opportunities for millions to hear who Jesus is.”

The Bible is the key to reaching Farsi-speaking Muslims. Shelley asks for prayer as Elam develops ways to share the Gospel with Farsi-speakers in England and Iran. “That’s very important! The Word of God, we know, is powerful and effective, and we believe the most important thing we can do is to get the Word of God into the hands of the people.”

Praise God for the response of many Iranians to the Gospel. Pray for those around the world who are sharing the love of God with Farsi-speaking people. Pray for the church in Iran to be strong and continue to grow.

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