Romania’s desire to join the EU may hamper Christian radio

By September 29, 2004

Romania (MNN) — Economics is what could prevent Christian radio from spreading in Romania. Reports indicate that Romania may join the European Union as early at 2007. But, according to Little Samaritan Mission that may not be a good thing for their radio network.

Little Samaritan’s Florin Pindicblaj says they currently have 16 radio stations on the air in Romania. Pindicblaj says more growth is on their door step. “We still have four more licenses — four more frequencies, which were given (to us) since May.” However, they need funding to get them on the air as soon a possible.

Pindicblaj says there’s a reason they need to act immediately. “(The) European Union is the one who monitors everything. And I understand (that) in 2007there will be on more frequencies available for (the) public. So, we got to do whatever we (can) now.”

The E-U monitors radio frequencies of all member nations, says Pindicblaj. He adds that the time is now to act and the cost per radio station is minimal. “If we had $20,000 for (each) radio station we’ll start tomorrow to start to pour the concrete and by Christmas we’ll fill the air about those cities with the Gospel of Jesus Christ and those glorious songs of praise.”

Pindicblaj says not all of Romania has been reach with the Gospel. “I’ve been working (there) for 14 years. There are areas where people (haven’t) had a chance to hear. And, the radio is the most efficient because it penetrates their homes, in their cars, and (it) will be just enough for someone.”

Little Samaritan Mission not only owns the largest Christian radio station network in Europe, they also support orphanages and soup kitchen. Your gift of support is needed for all of these projects. Call Little Samaritan at (828) 396-2220, or go to their web site at

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