TWR celebrates 30 years in Africa

By September 29, 2004

Africa (MNN/TWR) — While Trans World Radio internationally celebrates its 50th anniversary, TWR-Africa will celebrate its 30th year of broadcasting on the continent of Africa.
From small beginnings in 1974 in Swaziland, Trans World Radio – Africa has grown into a broadcasting network airing programs in more than 60 languages to 40 countries in Sub-Sahara Africa. Trans World Radio Swaziland went “on the air” on November 1, 1974 using two transmitters donated by a Christian businessman in New York. Christians in the region saw this historic event as a direct answer to more than 23 years of prayer.

For the first five years TWR focused on the languages spoken south of the equator. However, as the ministry grew its reach extended beyond the equator and into West Africa. A focus on working with mission societies and churches who were involved in ministry throughout southern Africa began to develop and continues today. TWR-Africa believes its strength lies in strategic partnerships – Christians working together on projects to the benefit of the listeners.

Over the years response to Trans World Radio’s programs has been phenomenal as many write to share how they have been challenged by the programmes they hear in their own languages. Many testify to the saving grace of Jesus Christ after responding to a program in repentance and faith. Others share about how difficult their lives are and how the grace of God sustains them as they listen to the programmes.

A listener in Zimbabwe, a troubled country in southern Africa writes, “It is my great joy to let you know how Trans World Radio is so refreshing to my Christian life. Such Spirit inspired messages are a great help to me and a guide to my growth in the Christian life. The purpose of this letter is to appreciate Trans World Radio for reviving me continuously. I live in Zimbabwe and I always get your short wave programs almost every day whenever I have the opportunity. Your programmes are a real blessing for they make a believer to seek God’s face and favour, and to maintain Christian morals in the light of God’s Word.”

Trans World Radio will celebrate its 30th anniversary in Swaziland on 1 November while the international leadership team holds meetings in Africa. Time will be taken to give thanks for 30 years of ministry and to pray for the future development of TWR in Africa.

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