Iranian Christians reflect on protests

By November 3, 2022

Iran (MNN) — Iran will hold public trials for over 1,000 people involved in the nationwide protests.

Isolated Iranian Christians are wondering how to live in light of the unrest. The current regime severely curtails human rights in the country, especially for women. On the other hand, many protestors have called for the death of those in power.

Joe Willey says SAT-7 PARS recently addressed this dilemma on a show called Sanctuary of the Heart. “God is the judge. But at the same time, it must be so very difficult to be in the middle of such turmoil and want such change. Remember, this was sparked by the death of a 22-year-old woman who was not wearing the hijab, and she ended up dying in police custody.

“We as Christians also know that’s not just.”

Iranian pastors came on the show, talking through Romans 13. Being subject to governing authorities doesn’t mean staying silent before injustice, they said. They encouraged Christians to care for those wounded during the protests.

Sanctuary of the Heart is an interactive prayer program founded over the summer. Normally, it is only broadcast over Instagram. Willey says, “But because the Iranian authorities have blocked internet access for many people, they can’t go online to Instagram. So the show continues to be on Instagram, but it’s also been shown on satellite broadcast so anyone who has a satellite can still receive it.”

How to pray

Pray the violence in Iran would end.

Willey says, “I’m also praying that the people of Iran would be able to hear the Gospel freely, and that God would move on their hearts. Pray they not only would say, ‘I want to be free in a civil sense,’ but to truly be free eternally in Christ.”



The header photo shows an episode of Sanctuary of the Heart in progress. (Photo courtesy of SAT-7 USA)