Iranian people suffer as regime shows off on global stage

By January 26, 2024

Iran (MNN) — Iran flexes its military muscle as neighboring countries condemn Western responses.

Pray for the safety of all affected by the Middle East conflict. Seek insight for Iran’s leadership.
(Photo, caption courtesy of Heart4Iran)

The U.S. struck three bases belonging to Iranian-backed militia in Iraq on Wednesday. The Iraqi government deemed this move a “reckless escalation” that violated Iraq’s sovereignty.

The strikes follow countless attacks on U.S. military personnel since the Israel-Hamas war began in October and an Iranian missile airstrike in Kurdistan on January 16.

Edwin* with Heart4Iran says, “Iran is basically attempting to showcase its military strength and signal to [the] United States, to Israel, and even to Arab allies, its readiness to confront external threats.”

Iran launched consecutive missile attacks in neighboring Iraq, Pakistan, and nearby Syria last week, signaling “Iran’s ability to spread its influence beyond its borders and impact regional security,” Edwin says.

“That is why they have such a bold action this time, and they’re not using proxies.”

The messages didn’t stop there.Iran attacked Pakistan to pressure the regional countries to reconsider their alliances with the United States.

“Iran’s goal is to discourage any assistance to the United States that could be used against Iran or its allies in the region.”

Heart4Iran furthers the Great Commission in Iran through media and technology. More about that here. Pray their messages will encourage and reassure believers in Iran.

“Please pray for stability in the region and peace for the Church of God as she’s carrying out the Kingdom’s mission,” Edwin says.

“Any unrest directly affects people’s [lives], especially in the Iranian population. It is even harder on religious and ethnic minorities because of the discrimination they are experiencing inside the country.”


*Name withheld for security purposes.



Header and story images courtesy of Heart4Iran.

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