Parliament of Iraq to select new president

By October 13, 2022

Iraq (MNN) — Iraq’s parliament meets today to elect a new president. Officials failed to elect a president three times this past spring.

Iraq held its last elections in October of 2021. Popular Muslim cleric Muqtada al-Sadr won the most support but not enough to form a government. Samuel with Redemptive Stories says, “A little over a month ago, there were also some riots. His party was so angry that no one would stand with them in order to form this government. Muqtada al-Sadr even got on TV and said he was no longer going to be a man of politics,  just going to be a religious figure.”

“Currently, the previous government is still standing.”

The president and prime minister tried to quit, but their resignation was not accepted.

Looking for answers

As the uncertainty piles up, Samuel says people in Iraq are looking for answers. “A lot of them, particularly in the south of Iraq, is asking those deep questions. They’re saying, ‘Well, Islam has failed us. What other things are out there?”

Some have turned to atheism, Samuel says. “Those that don’t look for other answers, including Christianity. We just had the joy of being part of a wonderful event where over 40 people from the South of Iraq were baptized. A large majority of them are from a Muslim background.”

How to pray

Pray Iraq’s president will care for the people and not steal for himself. Ask God to strengthen local Christians.

Christianity has a long history in Iraq, Samuel says. “We didn’t bring it. Our brothers and sisters have stood strong over the past years, and continue to do so even amongst severe pressure, oppression, disappointment, and struggle.”



The header photo shows the Baghdad Convention Center, where Iraq’s Parliament meets. (Photo courtesy of James (Jim) Gordon, CC BY 2.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons)

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