Mission Cry shipping container released in Philippines

By October 13, 2022

Philippines (MNN) — Last week, we told you about a Mission Cry shipping container held up by officials in the Philippines for six months.

Now, it has finally been released. Jason Woolford says, “They were trying to make our recipients abandon the container. We kept praying and believing that while the Muslims in customs there were causing problems, we would just have a miracle. And we’ve had one, indeed. The container has been released. The distribution has already begun.”

Officials either want to sell the Bibles for their own profit, or they want to destroy them for religious regions, Woolford says.


The container holds thousands of Bibles and Christian books for churches and seminaries in the island country. Woolford says, “It’s so great to see our brothers and sisters receive them. They have been wanting books for their Bible College so that they can have more students come in. Because the students can’t even afford to go to school, let alone buy books.”

“People that are listening have now made it possible for these students, who want to be ministers, to have free seminary materials.”

Corruption among port officials in the Philippines has increased over the last few years. Continue to pray for materials to be sent there.

You can also donate used Bibles or Christian books. Woolford says, “Lastly, we cannot do what we’re doing without financial help and support. When we send a container, it costs about $11,000 to send. But that has nearly half a million dollars worth of free Bibles and Christian books that we give away. I ask that you would partner with Mission Cry.”



Header photo courtesy of Mission Cry. 

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