Iraqi believers offer healing to former Islamic State captives

By March 28, 2024

Iraq (MNN) — A Yazidi woman kidnapped during the Islamic State’s reign of terror a decade ago was recently reunited with her family in Iraq.

The Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF)’s all-women force liberated Kovan Aidi Khourto from al-Hol. This notorious camp houses tens of thousands of ISIS families and supporters in Syria.

Samuel* with Redemptive Stories says their partners in Iraqi Kurdistan offer trauma healing to former Yazidi captives. One day, a Gospel worker saw a woman enter with sorrow etched on every feature.

Collage depicting the persecution of Yazidis by the Islamic State.
(Wikimedia Commons)

The worker asked if she could pray for the new class member. “The woman who was praying for her saw a vision. And in this vision, she saw the young lady cutting herself,” Samuel says.

“She stopped praying and began to tell her (the Yazidi woman) what she saw, and [the woman said], ‘How did you know that? No one knows about me hurting myself.’”

This Yazidi woman – another Islamic State sex slave – shared her painful story with the Gospel worker who prayed for her. Nearly 50 different men raped her during her time in captivity.

The worker introduced her to the Great Physician and his Gospel hope. “Through that process, this woman was able to find healing in Jesus Christ,” Samuel says.

“She became a believer and is now sharing with others in her community.”

Pray that Redemptive Stories and its partners can continue their vital work among Yazidi survivors. Politicians threaten to shut down all the camps housing displaced Yazidi communities in Kurdistan and force these families to relocate.

“A lot of women found healing through trauma healing care, through dreams and visions, and ultimately through Jesus Christ,” Samuel says.

Pray believers from a Yazidi background will grow in Christ and become bold witnesses.

“Pray for them to keep pressing on amid persecution,” Samuel requests. “One of the young believers – his father was killed for speaking out against the Yazidi religion.”






Header image depicts Yazidi women in traditional clothing. (Wikimedia Commons)

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