Is Sudan the next Somalia?

By January 1, 2024

Sudan (MNN) — Sudan is facing violence on a devastating scale. Thousands have lost their lives. Millions have been displaced. And right now, there’s no end in sight.

Some have compared Sudan’s potential future to that of Somalia. Somalia’s chaos and violence have made it rampant with humanitarian crises and violations of human rights. In the words of John*, a Gospel worker in Sudan: “Al Shabaab is still waging one of the largest and deadliest insurgencies in the world. [There is] massive poverty [and] a continuation of violations of not only law, [but] international humanitarian law with just impunity. Human life has almost no value.”

In short, “It’s a place that has become so radical [that] there’s not a corner where you can find peace[…] let alone an awareness of the value of life that we know that God has. It’s very difficult in Somalia.”

Unfortunately, John thinks some of patterns that led to Somalia’s current state can be seen in the recent years of Sudan’s history. He’s concerned that should total collapse come, dangerous factions already present in Sudan could gain more power. 

But God has a plan, and we can pray for a different future for Sudan. “It’s easy to be complacent, but I would encourage Christians to pray, ‘Lord, stir my spirit, stir my heart. Help me care about the things that you care about, and bring them into the way I live my life and make my decisions.’”

John says that prayers like that could incite transformation within the Church. Christians in Sudan need support. They need to know that the global Church is paying attention. They need practical support stemming from the generosity of Christians with more resources. And they need your prayer for Sudan’s future.


*Name changed for security purposes


Header photo courtesy of Unsplash.

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