Islamic State bombs Afghan mosque, school

By April 25, 2022

Afghanistan (MNN) — The Islamic State claimed responsibility for a series of attacks in Afghanistan last week. On Thursday, at least 31 were killed and 87 wounded when the terrorist group bombed a Shia mosque. The same day, a vehicle exploded near a police station.

On Tuesday, two bombs went off in Kabul at a school for boys. Nehemiah with FMI says one boy reported stepping out for a break with his classmates when the first bomb exploded. “The second blast took place as rescuers tried to ferry victims from the first explosion to the hospital.

“Judging by the footage we have, and the reports we are getting from our sources there in Kabul, I would say the numbers are very, very high.”

This attack also targeted an area with a high Shia population.

Taliban and Islamic State

Nehemiah says it’s important to remember that most Islamic State fighters used to be Taliban. They now see the Taliban as pro-American, or at least working too much with the West. They want to be a part of something more extreme.

But both groups share the same attitude towards Shia Muslims and other minority groups. Nehemiah says, “This is genocide. The Hazara community, which makes up between 10 and 20 percent of the country’s 38 million people, has long been the target of mass casualty attacks.”

Ask God to protect FMI partners as they minister among the Hazara. Nehemiah says, “It’s very, very difficult, sometimes not even imaginable, to serve and survive in these areas. We need your support.”



The header photo shows schoolbooks recovered from the blast site at the school in Kabul. (Photo courtesy of FMI)

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