Isolated believers connect with the Body of Christ through SAT-7

By July 17, 2023

Middle East (MNN) – What would it be like to be the only Christian in your community? SAT-7 began its media ministry in the Middle East to both share the Gospel and serve isolated believers.

Founder Terry Ascott says,“Since COVID, we all know what it means to be at home and yet take part in a church service, or fellowship with others online. For many of the people that we’ve been ministering to over the past two decades, this has always been their reality.”

Some isolated believers may be the only Christian where they live or may not know another Christian personally. TV and online video programming by SAT-7 could be their only connection with the Body of Christ. Learn how a new program supports isolated believers in North Africa.

Even the leaders of small house churches often lack theological training. Responding to the need, SAT-7 formed the TEACH program, which stands for Theological Education for Arab Christians at Home.

“We take people through all the kinds of things they’d learn in a seminary because some of these house groups or little family Fellowships are led by people, of course, who would just happen to be the first person to come to Christ in their community, and they haven’t had any training,” Ascott says.

“Providing systematic fellowship and teaching is very important for this underground church, this isolated groups of believers in different countries.”

The ministry also offers counseling lines viewers can call and other ways to connect with their audience.

“We’re getting 1000 reactions from our audience every day. And trying to you know, process these and to respond to all kinds of needs, in a way that’s helpful to the viewers is quite challenging,” says Ascott.

If you speak Arabic, Farsi, or Turkish, SAT-7 could use your help. Get in touch at SAT7USA.ORG.


Header photo courtesy of SAT-7 USA.