It’s not too early to plan for Christmas.

By October 26, 2004

Ghana (MNN)–It’s late October, but it’s not too early to plan for Christmas.

Every Child Ministries says their street children outreach in Ghana has seen extraordinary growth over the last few weeks. That means they’ll likely serve twice the street kids they’ve had in previous years. With more children in need, that means fewer resources can go for extras.

Of course, Jesus Christ is the center of all the celebrations, with teams making sure the children understand it’s His birthday that they’re celebrating.

With Christmas treats, they make sure that the everlasting Gospel is also proclaimed. However, the cost of providing special Christmas treats varies from place to place. ECM will combine whatever is given with the gifts of others to meet the needs.

The parties will be held at Haven of Hope and at the three locations where ECM ministers to street kids. Preparations for John Rouster’s trip to Ghana (to install solar power at Haven of Hope) have put the ministry a little behind in letting people know about the need, but it is an urgent one. Christmas gifts received during the next two weeks (through early November) can go to Ghana directly, allowing them to save transfer costs on both ends.

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