Ivory Coast warplanes bomb Bouake near a Christian school.

By November 5, 2004

Ivory Coast (MNN)–Even though French and UN troops are monitoring a fragile ceasefire in the Ivory Coast, it appears the unity it created is gone.

Although the accord was signed in 2002 by both sides in the war as part of plans to reform the political system and reunite the country, government warplanes are once again bombing the rebel town of Bouake in the Ivory Coast.

On Thursday, the planes made three passes. The UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) warned that the fighting around the northern city of Bouake threatened to cut off thousands of people from urgently needed relief aid. Tensions across Cote d’Ivoire have forced the UN to suspend its humanitarian operations throughout the country.

It’s the first major outbreak of hostilities in over a year. Evangelical Baptist Mission’s Chris Marine says the problem is the International Christian Academy is near the conflict. “The school is about five kilometers outside the town of Bouake. The French military that evacuated the school two years ago are still living on campus, and the report that we have is that ICA staff and students are safe and unharmed.”

The school just re-opened September 1rst following the 2002 coup. Marine says they need prayer. “Pray for peace In the country, and then pray for all missionaries living in the country, as well as for the school. We also would ask people to pray for the safety of the Christians that are living in the town of Bouake that is being bombed.”

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