Ivory Coast’s predicament touches a broadcast ministry.

By October 2, 2003

Ivory Coast (MNN)–Shooting has broken out in the Ivory Coast in the days following a rebel pull-out from a coalition government.

The State Department issued a statement urging the New Forces ministers in Cote d’Ivoire to resume their participation in the Government of National Reconciliation “so that the Linas-Marcoussis reforms for free, transparent elections in 2005 can be implemented,” to ensure that the country “does not return to violence and civil strife.”

While the fighting dashes hopes for peace, one ministry continues, although not wholly untouched by the violence.

HCJB World Radio Chairman, Ron Cline says, “We have one and a half radio stations in Ivory Coast–one in Abidjan, and half a one in Korhogo. I don’t think it’s on the air. It was being put on the air when the battles started.”
Cline says their Abidjan team is on the air, but moving carefully. Their caution stems from a new challenge presented by Libya and Kuwait. “We broadcast programs of hope and encouragement to the people. We broadcast the gospel of peace. We broadcast the fact that Muslims and Christians can live together in peace. But, I’ll tell you, it’s a militant area because of the whole issue of the influence from outside the country.”

Please continue to pray as the situation develops. Cline says believers often are harassed for their faith, especially in areas where extremists are living.

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