New video brings Gospel to extreme sports enthusiasts

By October 2, 2003

International (MNN)–The Luis Palau Evangelistic Association is developing an evangelistic DVD to equip Christian youth and ministry leaders to share Jesus Christ with teens interested in extreme sports.
Titled “Livin’ It,” the DVD will feature a 30-40 minute “reality style” outreach video mixing footage of six top skaters and three top BMX riders demonstrating their skills with a behind-the-scenes look at how they live out their faith day-to-day.
Filmed on the street of Portland, Oregon, site of a large and active skate culture, the DVD will present the Gospel naturally and authentically as sports action overlaps with real interactions between the athletes and kids they meet.
The DVD is more than just an outreach video as it will contain resources to equip believers for evangelism and follow-up.
The video will include a hard-hitting Gospel presentation and call to Jesus Christ by a top skate evangelist, new believer Bible studies also geared toward the extreme sports culture, special youth apologetics materials to answer tough questions and follow-up tools for youth who lead their friends to Christ.
The plan is to launch the DVD at the Acquire the Fire’s April 2-3, 2004 event in the RCA Dome in Indianapolis, Indiana. LPEA will distribute thousands of copies through our festivals, where they expect 200,000 attendees in 2004 alone.

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