JESUS Film instrumental in Nepal evangelism

By September 4, 2009

Nepal (MNN) — Last year, a Maoist party stood victorious in
an assembly to make Nepal a democratic republic. Ministries are taking
advantage of this political change and are observing a dramatic response. The people
of Nepal thirst for Living Water.

Campus Crusade's JESUS Film Project meets this need by by
saturating the Nepalese with the Gospel. Instrumental to this endeavor is the
JESUS film.

"The JESUS film is the most effective tool that we have
ever used for evangelism, lay leadership mobilization and church
planting," says John Connor, director of the JESUS Film Partnership of
Global Partners. "I really believe that to be true."

Global Partners showed the JESUS film to nearly 422,000
viewers last year in Nepal and 13 other countries. Serving as the mission arm
of the Wesleyan Church, Global Partners has planted an average of two churches
every week over the past five years. Their mission fields have ranged from
Nepal to Brazil and Columbia.

Along with dramatic growth in Nepal, believers have also
observed dramatic deliverance through the powerful truth of the Gospel. At one
JESUS film showing, a well-known animistic shaman was delivered of a demon that
had plagued him for years. He confessed faith in Jesus for salvation, and film
team members laid hands upon him and prayed until the demon surrendered to
God's power. At another showing, a 101-year-old woman found peace she had
sought but never obtained from ancestral spirits and Hindu gods.

"I don't have much time in this life, and I have wasted
a lot of time in my life worshipping gods that don't help me," she
explained. "But now I know that salvation is in Jesus, and I must take this
salvation before it is too late."

The JESUS Film Partnership in Nepal pairs with other
churches to present evidence of Jesus Christ through film showings and rise up
strong Christian leaders who can build self-multiplying churches. A recent
survey shows that 80 percent of Nepalese church leaders received discipleship
or training from Campus Crusade staff. In a country about the size of Florida without
the panhandle, believers have grown in number from 50 in 1983 to a recent
estimate of 2 million.

Shadows border the growing light in Nepal. Hindu strongholds
continue to threaten believers, and your support is needed. Pray for the continued
growth of God's body in Nepal. Pray also that Christians will be able to
practice their faith without fear.

If you would like to support the ministry of the JESUS Film
Project, follow this link.


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