Jesus Film partners with TWR for audio drama

By December 16, 2019

International (MNN) – Trans World Radio (TWR), in collaboration with Jesus Film, is airing the audio drama The Story of Jesus this December. The audio drama is an adaptation of The JESUS Film. In year three of the joint project, TWR is utilizing its network to reach people with this valuable tool from Jesus Film.


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TWR’s Brandon Neal tells us a bit more about the project.

“A lot of people in the world has seen The JESUS Film, but not a lot of people have heard the message of Jesus. So, they took the audio track out of the film, and then they added in what was necessary so that it made sense as a full stand-alone audio product,” Neal says.

“What that means is they would add in things like…sound effects for people walking or things like that…so that it makes sense to a listener.”

The Story of Jesus

The whole audio drama of The Story of Jesus is about a ninety-minute listen. TWR is airing the audio drama to hundreds of millions of listeners worldwide in 69 languages via shortwave, AM, FM, and satellite broadcasts. The audio drama is also available to stream online. Play it on your device for those long travels to visit family this holiday season or listen to the audio drama on Christmas day!

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In its three years, TWR and Jesus Film are already seeing the fruits of their labor across the world.

“This actually came from a European broadcast in [the] Polish language. And this person wrote in and said, ‘I’m a blind person. Your programs are irreplaceable to me. The soundtrack of this Jesus movie that you broadcast this week is the most precious gift for Christmas and New Year’s’,” Neal says.

“This person who could have never seen The JESUS Film is able to hear the content from The JESUS Film, which is essentially the Gospel of Luke. And this person is able to be encouraged; they’re able to draw closer to the God that made them. They’re able to hear how much God loves them through what Jesus did during His life, His ministry, His death, burial, and resurrection.”

Pray for Listeners

Along with listening to The Story of Jesus, will you pray for God to use this audio drama to reveal Himself to listeners?

“Pray for the people that are listening to The JESUS Film audio drama in their language, and also for the teams on the ground who are answering their questions,” Neal asks.

(Photo courtesy of JESUS Film Project).

In many locations, TWR staff asks questions at the end of the drama. These questions dig into people’s thoughts and ask if they want to know more about Christ. Then, the audience has the opportunity to respond to these questions through letters, texts, phone calls, and emails. When listeners reach out, TWR staff connect with them directly to answer questions and respond to comments.

During Christmas of 2018, when TWR broadcast The Story of Jesus, TWR heard back from over 4,700 people. At least 43 of those people decided they wanted a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Pray God continues using this audio adaptation to draw people closer to Him.

“That’s why we do what we do. That’s why we’re in media missions, is to see people come to faith in Christ, to be encouraged in their faith, and to essentially go from a position of doubt to a position where they can make a decision to where they’re in a discipleship relationship with someone, with another believer,” Neal says.

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