JESUS Film Project develops discipleship series

By November 26, 2009

International (MNN) — After responding to the JESUS film
and giving their lives to Christ, the largest barrier for new believers is a
lack of follow-up and discipleship materials. 
"Following JESUS" provides a solution for this dilemma.
Developed by The JESUS Film Project, these video-based series teach new
believers what it means to live as a Christ-follower. Series targeting Africa
and the Middle East are currently in production.

"It's not uncommon when we show the film,"
explains The JESUS Film Project's Berry Feiss, "for the next day, the
people who have come to know Christ to meet together and to talk about their
assurance of salvation, and to begin a group."

"Following JESUS" is a "video-based
discipleship series used to ground new believers in their faith." Specifically
adapted for each culture, these videos help new Christ-followers learn what it
means to be a Christian in their heart culture. These tools are designed to be
used in discussion sessions, and each series flows with a specific area's

Five of 12 episodes were filmed this summer for the Africa
series, and Feiss adds that a series is also in development for the Middle

"This is a huge project and we're working in both the
cities as well as in the rural areas," says Feiss. "These are tools
that we're developing mostly for the rural areas." 

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to petition for the successful completion of these projects in prayer.

good way to pray is for these new products that we've been talking about to
complete their production and to make their way into a testing environment and
be well-received."


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