Jesus Film replacements needed

By October 18, 2005

USA (MNN) — The Jesus Film Project is asking for help which could be responsible for sharing the story of Christ to millions of people around the world.

According to Jim Green, the Executive Director of the JESUS Film Project, they need to replace 416 film copies because of extraordinary amounts of use. The 16 millimeter movies can typically handle on average about 400 showings. But, many of these have seen up to 1,000 presentations. Teams have tried to edit out damaged frames. As they get older and older the films see even more edits, compromising the message of the Gospel.

While DVD technology is common in the west, many of the unreached areas of the world this technology isn’t practical. Complicated projection equipment breaks down too easily in these rural areas, so film is still the best means to reach them.

Unfortunately, it’s expensive. It costs $1,250 per film, which is a total of four reels and a travel case. Each can help teams present the Gospel to an average of 115,000 people in their own language.

The JESUS Film has been translated into 899 languages, viewed by 5.4 billion people in every country in the world. While these movies are replacements, there’s still a great need to put this evangelism resource into the hands of other Christians. Pray that many will respond.

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