JESUS Film team in right place at right time: dozens come to Christ

By December 13, 2010

Malawi (MNN) — Sometimes it's certain that we are where God wants us. For one film team, this was clear in Malawi.

The JESUS Film Project team was traveling through Malawi when they got a flat tire. And then another. The time it took to recover brought the group late into the afternoon. They would need to spend the night nearby and finish their journey the next day.

The team stayed in a nearby community for the night. Recognizing the opportunity they had been given to perhaps reach even more people with the Gospel of Christ, the group asked the area leaders if they could show the "JESUS" film. The leaders and community were thrilled, especially since none of them had viewed a film in quite some time.

With a captive audience of 1,800 people, the film team showed the film about the life and death of Jesus Christ. By the end of the viewing, 27 people had openly decided to give their lives to Christ.

And this was only the beginning of God's work in the village.

At the end of the film, a young woman with a 2-year-old baby asked the team to pray for sleep. She said she had not slept through the night for over four years, and her baby never had in his lifetime. The team prayed with the woman.

The next day, the woman came to the team proudly proclaiming that she had slept through the night, and so had her child. She considered this a direct answer to prayer and committed her life to the Lord right then.

Still, the Lord's work was just getting started. Later that day, a group of twelve adults came to the team. They explained how the night before they had been deeply convicted by the film but had been nervous to make their profession of faith public. The team walked the group through the Gospel message, and twelve more were added to the Kingdom.

Clearly the event was orchestrated by the Most High God. Praise the Lord for putting the film team in the right place at the right time to bring the Good News to at least 1,800 people. Pray that the Lord would continue to work in this community and strengthen His new followers.

The "JESUS" film has been the catalyst for thousands of people coming to Christ. To learn more about the ministry, click here.


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