‘JESUS’ Film touches Buddhist monk

By February 13, 2012

Asia (MNN) — A showing of the Gospel had a profound impact on a spiritual leader in South Asia. In a crowd of approximately 100 people watching the "JESUS" film — a large gathering for a country in South Asia — sat a Buddhist monk.

He watched the film very intently and heard Jesus say He is the only One, He is the Way, and "whoever believes Me, believes My Father."

When the film finished, the monk came to the film team and started talking about Buddhism. They told him that no matter what anyone does, no one can gain salvation by works. They shared with him that Jesus is the only One who hears our voice, speaks to us, sees and walks, and helps us in our every work. Their words pierced his heart, and the monk–an honest and sincere man–told the team he wanted to accept Jesus as his God and Savior. They prayed with him, and now he attends church regularly and serves Jesus.

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