Jesus reaches children in India

By May 31, 2004

India (MNN) — Children in India have been responding to the children’s version of the Jesus Film Project called, “THE STORY OF JESUS FOR CHILDREN”. 69.5 million Hindus, Muslims and Sikhs saw the film, many of whom were children! Thanks to believers around the world, five new translations of this effective new tool premiered a few months ago.

children, the next generation, are seeing, hearing, understanding, and responding to the gospel. A lifetime awaits them, of knowing God, serving Him, reaching out to others, and sharing the hope they now have.

Millions of India’s children watch television on Saturday mornings. One of the new translations of “The Story of Jesus for Children” was broadcast December 27. An estimated 35 million children and their parents experienced the gospel, as seen through the eyes of the children who appear in this special version of “JESUS.”

Even though it was shown more than five months ago, the story is just now getting out. More than 9,500 letters were received in the first three weeks following the broadcasts. Jesus Film staff also received a long distance call from someone who had turned on the television and saw only the last few minutes. The caller was from an area in the Himalayas, asking for a copy of “The Story of Jesus for Children.”

There are 61 translations of “The Story of Jesus For Children” in circulation. Funding is needed to translate it into even more languages.

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