Kamikaze evangelists are seeing many turn to Christ in China.

By November 28, 2003

China (MNN) — Young Chinese believers are fully committed to sharing the Gospel in rural areas, despite little or no funding. Open Doors’ Johnny Li. Li says he’s amazed by the number young evangelists that are totally committed to sharing the Gospel.

17 to 20 year olds have banded together in China where they’re almost starving. Li says, “They go far away.” He says, “I met a 24 year old evangelist. He’s been in prison several times, but he’s got a heart for the lost.”

He says these young evangelists have a name. “They go to the borderline areas to preach the Gospel to minority remote areas and they pay a high, high price. What is the appropriate English word to describe this group of young of evangelists? Not in English, but in Japanese, Kamikaze evangelists. They dedicate their lives to the Gospel.”

Li says many of these evangelists are under 20 years old. He says they do everything they can to fund their ministry. “I say, ‘where do you find money?’ They just say, ‘we sell our stuff.’ I laugh, ‘you don’t have anything to sell.’ Brother Wong answered me, ‘If we have no money, we sell our blood. Each time we earn five or six U-S dollars. We can use this money as a transportation fee.’ ”

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