Keys for Kids and Unlocked present biblical truth in kid-sized language

By August 15, 2023

USA (MNN) — It’s “back to school” season in the United States. As summer adventures give way to familiar routines, now might be the time to start “Jesus time” with your family.

“Moms and dads want to start off the school year on a good foot, developing new habits of helping our kids understand who Jesus is,” Keys for Kids Ministries Executive Director Greg Yoder says.

Whether in print or audio form, Keys for Kids devotionals present biblical truth in kid-sized language. More about that here.

“Moms and dads want assurances that there is spiritual truth out there, especially in light of what’s happening in our culture today.

“They (parents) can rest assured that Keys for Kids provides spiritual truth through our Keys for Kids and Unlocked devotionals.”

(Photo courtesy of Keys for Kids Ministries)

The kid-focused booklets also provide questions designed to start a family dialogue.

Having a “quiet time together with your family and [doing] devotions, whether at dinnertime, breakfast time or whenever, is a great place to begin the process of [discipleship],” Yoder says.

Today’s society is full of themes that don’t align with God’s design. Keys for Kids devotionals offer a platform to discuss controversial topics.

“When we talk about these issues, we dig into the Bible, and we talk about it from a biblical perspective,” Yoder says.

“We also do it from a loving perspective because we know that sin is difficult.”

Make sure to follow Keys for Kids Ministries on Facebook. They’re about to launch a new app.

“It should be rolling out here in the next few weeks. We created an audio devotional and put a link to Keys for Kids Radio, a full-time radio station of faith and fun for kids aged four to 14. Plus, we have some on-demand programming on the app,” Yoder says.

“The premise is to keep kids, teens, and families focused on God 24 hours a day, seven days a week, or as often as they can access it.”



Header and story images courtesy of Keys for Kids Ministries.