Keys for Kids Radio turns 30!

By September 27, 2021

USA (MNN) — A significant milestone awaits one children’s ministry. 2021 is a special birthday year for Keys for Kids Radio. “We are almost 30 years old, believe it or not!” Greg Yoder of Keys for Kids Ministries says.

“It started off as the Children’s Sonshine Network and then changed to His Kids Radio … then it was generously donated to Keys for Kids Ministries about six, seven years ago.”

You won’t hear Keys for Kids Radio while scanning the airwaves, but it’s easy to stream online. “You can access this radio station wherever you have Wi-Fi. The most interesting way people find Keys for Kids Radio is a search on the internet,” Yoder says.

Earlier this year, Yoder described how Keys for Kids Radio helped kids and families endure 2020’s difficulties. Even though the station is three decades old now, it’s still relevant and engaging to the Next Generation.

“They have announcers encouraging young people, whatever the song happens to be. We have a lot of radio dramas, including Down Gilead Lane and Adventures in Odyssey. It’s just a great place for parents [to] trust,” Yoder says.

The best part?

“Kids are being introduced to Jesus almost on a weekly, if not daily, basis. We’re studying the Word together, or we’ll teach them the books of the Bible.”

Listen to Keys for Kids Radio here.

(Photo courtesy of Keys for Kids Ministries)

“We know that if we can reach a kid and disciple them between their four and 14th birthday, chances are they’re going to be rooted in their faith,” Yoder says.

Pray for financial support so this crucial ministry can continue. Praise God for entire families who grow in Christ through Keys for Kids Radio.

“It’s a radio station for the whole family. Moms and dads and grandparents, they get something out of it, too,” Yoder says.

“One person said, ‘I’m a new Christian [and] didn’t know anything about Keys for Kids Radio. My kids are listening, but I think I’m learning more than they are.’”



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