Keys for Kids sends Storytellers to Nepal

By October 12, 2022

Nepal (MNN) — Keys for Kids Ministries is sending 500 Storytellers to Nepal. These solar-powered mp3 devices come with 30 hours of Keys for Kids devotionals plus an audio Bible.

Ashley Hoekman says these storytellers will go to the northwest region of the country, considered an unreached area. “Nepal is one of the biggest groups we work with. It’s pretty rare for a lot of people in Nepal to be reached with the Word. Only about four percent of people there are Christians. It’s a very Hindu nation and one of those top 50 countries that experiences a high amount of persecution against Christians.”

Keys for Kids uses creative stories to share the story of Jesus with kids.

Challenges in Nepal

In Nepal, mp3 players work particularly well. Hoekman says, “Nepal is a very poverty-stricken nation as well. They don’t have a lot of resources for things like mp3 audio players and even things like education. Learning to read and write in their own languages is hard to come by too. There’s not a lot of access for indigenous tribes and different ethnic groups out there.”

“Finding ways to reach them in ways that they can digest it (audio players and things like that) is so very helpful.”  

Each Storyteller costs 70 dollars. Want to support this program in Nepal? You can here.

In the U.S., mp3 players are often thought of as personal audio devices. People in countries like Nepal often see them differently, Hoekman says. “It usually gets shared with friends, family, and the neighborhood. So it’s a fantastic outreach program.”

Keys for Kids plans to produce the Storytellers in Urdu and Swahili in the near future.



Head photo courtesy of Keys for Kids Ministries. 

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