Keys for Kids look ahead to bright future

By July 23, 2014
Keys For Kids Ministries
Keys For Kids Ministries

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USA  (MNN) — In a world of constant innovation and technology advancements, any business, organization, etc. has to be flexible to survive. Sometimes that’s as simple as switching buildings to make work more efficient.

About two years ago, Keys for Kids Ministries, formally Children’s Bible Hour, began looking to downsize their building. They bought a new building this past April and began moving in the first part of June.

But, Keys for Kids is still in the transitional period.

Dave Malin of Keys for Kids says, “We’re actually remodeling and making it adaptable for our staff here for the production work that we do with the devotional books, our internet ministry as well as the radio ministry we have with Keys for Kids Radio.”

The new building is a huge blessing. It will decrease their month-to-month overhead cost.

“We’ve designed it more efficiently for the way we work as an organization,” Malin says.

Even though they are downsizing their building, Keys for Kids is in no way downsizing their world impact.

What Keys for Kids does:

Malin says that Keys for Kids has been around for 72 years under the name Children’s Bible Hour. They have a passion for teaching children about Jesus and the Christian life. The name changed in March to reflect their published book they send out.

Malin explains, “We not only do the devotional book which we send out about 60,000 copies around the world quarterly, we have that on the internet, we have a large internet ministry with much of our printed as well as our audio materials.”

Earlier this year, Keys for Kids acquired His Kids Radio. They hope to have the re-branded internet radio program running by Fall.

Are you a fan of Keys for Kids? You can support their work in this way:

Malin explains that during the summer, donations from supporters drop significantly. If you want to help them overcome the summertime slump, click here.

Also pray that the organization will stay adequately funded so they can continue to reach children with truths about God.

Pray that the transition will continue smoothly and that moving back to the permanent office space will be a positive experience.

“Pray that it all goes well and that God continues to bless us in the work that we do around the world,” Malin says.

Find out more about Keys for Kids and the materials they offer by following this link.

Read more about these recent changes here.

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