Keys for Kids welcomes new Development Director

By July 15, 2021

USA (MNN) — God works in mysterious ways sometimes, and Ryan Kidd of Keys for Kids Ministries has seen it in his own life.

Kidd hadn’t worked at a ministry until last month when he became the Keys for Kids Development Director. He says, “I remembered Keys for Kids from when I was a kid, just the impact that it had back then. And all three of my kids are aligned right in that age group. I have a seven-year-old, a nine-year-old, and an 11-year-old. [I loved] the mission and everything that it kind of stood for. And I thought maybe I could use my gifts and talents that I was given, as far as development and sales, and see if I can try to further the Kingdom.”

From sales to ministry work

Before this hard-left turn, Kidd worked in medical sales for over 15 years. Now, he joins Keys for Kids’ mission to share the love of the risen Jesus with kids and teens all over the world. Learn more about the Keys for Kids Storyteller and translation work here.

Kidd says, “This is the next generation of believers. And that’s one of the biggest things that hit hard with me with Keys for Kids is the fact that 70% of those individuals that become Christians, do so between the ages of four and 14. That was the mission for Keys for Kids. And that’s what really drew me to them, to further the Kingdom.”

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Header photo courtesy of Keys for Kids Ministries on Facebook.