Kids Alive installs well at Boys’ Center in Kenya

By November 3, 2009

Kenya (MNN) — Since 2007, Kids Alive International has been
serving in Kenya near Mt. Kenya at their Boys' Center.

The center was originally set up as a home for street
children, providing residential care for the boys of the local towns and
communities. Since then, the ministry has expanded to include children
orphaned by HIV/AIDS or other tragedies. Kids Alive now has around 60 boys at the center.

For the past few years of ministry, their only supply of
water has been water they pumped from a nearby river. However, in October, they begin digging a

Less than a week ago, they hit water.

Linda Mugo with Kids Alive said, "It's been quite an
exciting project. One of the boys who watched the water spout
out of the ground said, ‘This is God!'"

Mugo said there has been a tremendous response of excitement
from the boys at the center as they realize how God is at work. When the water
had been on for over 24 hours, Mugo said, there were still boys standing
outside just staring at it.

Not only are the boys excited, but the surrounding community
has witnessed how God has provided.

"We've had drought for most of the year, and the community would
come to us and ask for food and help in different ways. For them, as well, this
is a miracle because it's something that we've all been praying for and looking
forward to," reported Mugo.

With the completion of this well, every Kids Alive residential
center and the surrounding community now has access to a well, and Mugo said
this is the last well they plan to dig in the near future.

Clean water from the well ensures that the children and the communities
have less of a chance of contracting malaria or dysentery through a bad water
sources, as well as lowering their risk of malnutrition.

Because the center's source of water is now secure, Kids
Alive can focus more of their efforts on the spiritual well-being of the kids
and people in the community.

"We request that people pray with us so that we're able to
reach out, not only to meet the needs of children, but also the spiritual needs
of the adults in their lives," Mugo said.

Through their Keeping Families Together program, Kids Alive is
ensuring this takes place.

To help with Kids Alive's efforts in Kenya or to learn more
about what they are doing around the world, click here.

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