Kids are making a difference in Bangladesh.

By July 13, 2005

Bangladesh (MNN) — OMS International wants kids to go on mission trips to Bangladesh. Through their “Kids Can Do” education program, kids can take a virtual mission trip.

About two years ago, OMS launched a project to help get kids involved with missions around the world. It’s called “Kids Can Do” and at its heart is the goal to develop people who have a greater desire to pray for people somewhere else, and not only that, but to do something as well. It’s kid-size projects with a God-size passion.

The kids who get involved in these projects can make a huge difference, says Susie Howard of OMS: “A lot of Sunday Schools and VBSes, the children will actually raise money for a project, but sometimes they really don’t know what they’re doing, and so by educating the children they have a better idea of who these people are, they have more compassion for them, will tend to pray for them more at home, and hopefully someday be even open to the thought of going somewhere else and doing something.”

It’s a program not just for kids, but for adults who want to help develop missions-minded kids, and be involved themselves. “Kids Can Do” just recently started their project focus on Bangladesh. With notebooks filled with pictures and information about Bangladesh, adults and kids are working together on this, learning about the culture and people’s needs and helping raise money for the various OMS projects in Bangladesh. One group raised more than $4000 (USD) for work in Bangladesh through the “Kids Can Do” program.

Howard challenges Christians to be a part of God’s work in the world: “I think sometimes we have a tendency to want to give our leftovers and I would hope that people would desire to really invest themselves in what God’s doing around the world. I guess one of the other things too, is for adults to see the value of encouraging and challenging and helping kids catch a vision for God’s world.”

OMS works alongside nationals in Bangladesh who are doing a variety of humanitarian and community-building efforts. Besides starting schools, digging wells and latrines, establishing training centers, the nationals are also planting churches.

If you would like information about the “Kids Can Do” (and big people too!) projects, go to the OMS website by following the highlighted link above.

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