Zimbabwe’s economic crisis hurts ministry.

By July 13, 2005

Zimbabwe (MNN)–Zimbabwe’s economic meltdown continues to worsen. Skyrocketing prices for fuel and food and the lack of jobs are adding to the problem.

Shortages of fuel compound the difficulties. For those who require fuel to make food stuffs, it becomes nearly impossible to work.

Add to that a poor grain harvest and the recipe for disaster is nearly complete. Growing unemployment and hundreds of thousands of displaced people make the picture of misery acute.

It’s getting so bad, that the ministry of the Bible League is being seriously affected. According to the area director, they’ve had to reduce office hours due to lack of fuel for transportation.

With office’s vehicles “grounded,” the churches can’t get needed materials. Markets are running out of food and staff workers and their families are unable to pay inflated prices and make ends meet.

Pray that God would provide for the ministry needs, and for comfort in desolate times.

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