Kids hold a garage sale to send African refugees to school

By August 28, 2008

USA (MNN) — It all started four
years ago with a six-year-old whose heart was touched by the plight faced by
children who were going hungry in Africa. She decided to sell her toys as a way to feed them.

Her action grew into an annual
event called the Neighborhood Garage Sale. Kids and families donate and sell their used
toys, books games, puzzles and stuffed animals and give the proceeds to Bright
Hope International.

Bright Hope works with indigenous
local Christian leaders and churches who are working to change lives in a
holistic manner — spiritual, practical, physical, educational and financial. 

Many of their partners (schools,
churches and individuals) operate in remote villages where there is nothing
except Christian leaders who want to make a difference.   

Last year, 40 families raised
more than $4,600 in the annual Neighborhood Garage Sale to help 12 Somalian
refugee children go to school. 

$4,600 goes a long way to people
who live on less than $1 a day.  

This year, a group of kids near
Chicago, Illinois, sold some of their toys last week to raise money for tuition,
books and uniforms for poor children in Africa. 
Their financial assistance means these children can now go to school,
where it was unlikely they would have before.

Bright Hope's Sponsorship Program
for Refugee Children in Nairobi, Kenya is two years old.   The team provides school fees, uniforms,
textbooks, and other supplies to encourage children to attend and to thrive in

All of the proceeds are
distributed through Bright Hope
International, a ministry dedicated to being the hands and feet of Christ
around the world.

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