Kingdom Expansion: Part One

By November 24, 2014
Living Water Center construction
Kingdom of God painting

God on Throne — Anonymous painter from Westphalia, late 15th century
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Bangladesh (MNN) — The Kingdom of God is growing in Bangladesh, despite growing restrictions on missionaries.

Over the next few days, we’ll be highlighting this Kingdom expansion in a 4-part series.

“There’s a huge need in [Bangladesh] today for training, and they have a facility they’re trying to build that will service all these training groups, including Asian Access, Wycliffe Bible Translators, many others,” shares Asian Access (A2) President Joe Handley.

“Several of us are rallying to help Peter in raising the funds for this center.”

Peter Mazumder, co-national director for A2 Bangladesh and general secretary of InterVarsity Bangladesh, dreamed of starting a facility like this years ago. The vision he invested in and laid foundations for years ago is finally gaining traction and support.

Watch as Mazumder shares his vision for the LWC here.

“The buildings include the actual training center, a dormitory, the chapel will be in one of those buildings, and then a clinic,” Handley explains. “The foundation has been laid for one of the buildings and a few floors for the other building.

Kingdom Expansion: Asian Access

Peter Mazumder at the inauguration of the Living Water Center.  (Screenshot taken from

Peter Mazumder at the inauguration
of the Living Water Center.
(Screenshot taken from

A building project like this isn’t something A2 usually focuses on, Handley says. Normally, Asian Access spends its resources and time investing in Asia’s church leaders.

“In this case, we have a very unique situation for the country, where they lack that freedom of expression and freedom to worship the way they would like to in these training centers,” says Handley.

“So, we saw that as a critical need for the country.”

Another bonus? The Living Water Center would cut costs to run A2 Bangladesh by 70%. The benefits are more than physical and financial, though. A spiritual dynamic runs throughout this Kingdom expansion.

“This center is not just for those of us doing ministry,” Handley explains.

A community of 6,500 garment workers lives near the future site of the Living Water Center. Only 150 of these workers follow Christ, and Mazumder hopes the LWC will become a regular place of worship for these believers, as well as an outreach to the community.

(Screenshot taken from 2013 progress video)

(Screenshot taken from 2013 progress video)

The LWC’s health clinic will play a critical role.

“When you have 20, 30, 50 people living in very small rooms and cramped quarters without hygienic conditions, you can imagine the healthcare needs of this community,” says Handley.

Meeting physical needs can often open doors to start a conversation about Jesus.

Tomorrow, we’ll share how the Living Water Center will help Bible translation in Bangladesh. Stay tuned!

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  • Good’ay,
    I have read your article on the Living Water Center with interest and I can not find were it is located. As I am planning a trip to Chittagong Bangladesh in November of this year and if feasible would like to visit it. If you could help it would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks Pete Wakefield

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