Kingdom Expansion: Part Three

By November 26, 2014
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(Screenshot taken from

Bangladesh (MNN) — We’ve been talking about God’s Kingdom expansion in Bangladesh. Today we’ll continue that discussion to learn about how the Living Water Center will impact student outreach on college campuses.

Peter Mazumder grew up in a Christian home but accepted Christ later in life.  He soon began working for the International Fellowship of Evangelical Students (IFES) in Bangladesh — Bible Students Fellowship of Bangladesh (BSFB)

When Mazumder began to do ministry in Bangladesh in 1986, there were nine chapters of BSFB on campuses. He says, “By the grace of God now, 76 chapters are functioning, with [1400] students having regular weekly Bible Studies.”

Kingdom Expansion: Bible Students Fellowship of Bangladesh

Sharing the Gospel looks a bit different than it does in the United States. Nobody has been able to see that better than Mazumder. Asian Access is partnering with BSFB to fulfill a need that has burdened his heart.

Mazumder explains, “Bangladesh is a Muslim country, but we are free to propagate the Gospel all over the country. So as a Muslim country, we are not able to sit in the University Campuses, but we call this ‘friendship evangelism.'”

This is a different way of engaging the student population, by having discussions about Jesus with friends and peers rather than having a presence as an organization on campus.

“Through that dialogue we share the Gospel, and it’s really going well. We reach them one-by-one like students reaching the students through friendship evangelism,” Mazumder says.

The Living Water Center will serve many purposes (read more here). One of these will be to provide a place for leadership or ministry training for students and a place for them to hold BSFB meetings.

Mazumder continues, “This Living Water Center will be for the students’ training and all different kinds of conferences for [BSFB]. At the same time, it will be available for different churches.”

Churches will also be able to meet here for Bible school and discipleship training.

You can give to Asian Access, who is partnering with BSFB, to help this project to completion.

InterVarsity seeks to train students how to engage their peers with the message of Jesus and to become effective leaders beyond college.

IFES works internationally to train students to engage their peers with the message of Jesus and to become effective leaders beyond college.

Pray that the Living Water Center would be a great resource to expand God’s Kingdom in Bangladesh.

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