Kosovo’s Declaration of Independence gives added importance to Bosnia’s first Year of Prayer

By February 20, 2008

Bosnia (MNN) — A conference in late January in Bosnia began the first Year of Prayer in Bosnia, reported Operation Mobilization International. Now, it seems that prayer is especially needed in the country as Kosovo declares its independence.

A published news source reports that Bosnian Serbs, specifically, are opposed to the declaration. They have made their opposition known, saying that they will entreat their Bosnian leaders to block its recognition. 

Kosovo's leaders seem confident according to another published source. However, tensions between Kosovo and Bosnia are fragile considering Bosnian Serbs and Serbians were prepared to announce war in November 2007 if Kosovo declared its independence. 

Kosovo Police Service and NATO prepared for ethnic clashes in preparation for the announcement and, reportedly, the only incident in Kosovo was four grenades being thrown at a building that houses the UN and EU missions. That northern town is ethnically divided. 

However, the situation in Serbia looked a bit different. Riots broke out, forcing police to use tear gas. Rioters smashed windows at McDonalds restaurants and the US and Slovenian embassies. In Republika Srpska, a Bosnian-Serb majority entity of Bosnia, Kosovo flags were burned.

According to OM, there are, at most, 1,000 Christians in Bosnia. 130 of them, or 13 percent, attended the January prayer conference. They conducted a prayer walk through the city of Mostar which is located in the south of Bosnia. The city is divided into Muslim and Croatian halves by the Neretva river, a result of the war in the 90's.

According to OM's prayer Web site for Bosnia, healing after the 1992-1995 war was a slow process. Still, gaps in the governmental structure leave many children behind without health care or education. More information on the country can be found month-to-month at the Web site above. It has daily prayer requests for Bosnia so you can join Christians in the country in raising up their nation. 

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