Kyrgyz church growing despite persecution

By September 7, 2005

Kyrgyzstan (MNN) — Bible Mission International is thanking God for answered prayer in Kyrgyzstan. Five years ago, when a young Kyrgyz family came to Christ, they were abandoned by their home village and their family. Now, there’s a thriving church.

Bible Mission says this church not only has services in Kyrgyz, but also in Russian.

This has come about because of an outreach plan by the Kyrgyz church. They’ve set a goal of bringing the Good News to each house in their district. They only have a few more to visit to reach their goal and they already have five more places where they’re doing ministry.

Bible Mission hopes to evangelize one-percent of the population of Central Asia with the Gospel. That means they need 7,000 churches. Currently there are 950 churches working with Bible Mission.

Pray that as people come to Christ that they’ll get the training they need to multiply themselves so even more can hear and understand the message of salvation.

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