The Wide Net’s ministry of technology resources.

By September 8, 2005

International (MNN) — In today’s world of global technology and communications, one mission group sees their role as a needed link in the web of technology and ministry.

Wide Net International Ministries help the worldwide church overcome communications obstacles and they also help equip the church with the technology resources they lack.

The Wide Net’s Jason Williamson says, “It’s not that, you know, technology’s not there for the church, for the global church, it’s just for several reasons, it’s just not being utilized.”

The Wide Net provides consulting to help problem-solve technological communications among ministries, and to improve ministry effectiveness.

Williamson says that has a great impact on overall ministry outreach: “This is technology that’s being used in the commercial world today, but a lot of people in the ministry, maybe don’t know what’s accessible, or what’s available, or what’s cost effective. And so we’re there helping them move forward in reducing their costs, and at the same time, allowing the leadership to stay on the same page, and again, help them fulfill the Great Commission.”

It’s about stewardship of resources, says Williamson, and the Wide Net helps the church continue to do their needed work, but in a way that utilizes the technology that’s available.

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