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Published on 06 May, 2005

Lack of funds creates a years’ backlog for a Christian resource ministry.

USA (MNN)–Christian Resources International is calling for help. While their team is working to meet the increasing demand, the problem is the funding.

There’s no current shortage of materials, but, according to CRI’s Fred Palmerton, the volume of requests and the shortage of funds to get them there created a huge backlog.

Palmerton shares part of a letter they got from a pastor of two small churches in India. “‘…I need some theological books and ministry books. I hope that your materials will bring God’s blessing to me. I would be so glad if you could concern me [sic] in my needs. Thank you.’ This was dated 30, June 2004, and it’s just going out now.”

Palmerton outlines what will meet the most immediate need, although they may need physical help, too. “We need $15 (USD) per request to fill these individual requests and we need materials to accommodate that. Right now, we do not face a backlog of materials, but I see this gearing up, and we are really kicking these things out.”

CRI coordinates the collection and distribution of literature and other resources that can be effectively used on mission fields around the world.

That may include used pew Bibles and hymnals from individual churches or even over-runs and outdated stock from Christian publishers. It could also include unused Sunday School or Christian school curriculum, concordances, devotionals, Bible studies.

The resources are then packaged and put on shipping containers, which transport Christian literature to seminaries, churches, Christian schools, missionaries and missions agencies which would otherwise have few, if any, resources.

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