Landslides in Pakistan bring new challenge to outreach.

By January 24, 2006

Pakistan (MNN)–As if a hard winter wasn’t bad news enough for the survivors in Pakistan’s quake zone, there comes a new threat.

Not only does it appear that quake survivors will be staying in tent camps for another six months, but there is another problem…landslides.

International Aid’s Myles Fish confirms the fact that landslides are now an hourly event. “This area not only had a large earthquake, but they had dozens of aftershocks, and that has loosened up all the soil. Then you put all of the extra rain, and the snow, and so forth on top of that loosened soil, and it’s a perfect condition for landslides.”

Fish was in Pakistan to inspect their medical clinics. Six facilities were set up immediately after the quake struck the region, aimed at helping those who would be weathering winter in a tent.

IA sent medical equipment to help address the loss of more than 1,000 medical facilities across the disaster-stricken region. They also sent hygiene kits and blankets, along with initial funds to feed a village of 3,000.

Asked if the conditions are getting better, Fish pointed out that other natural disasters in 2005 took focus away from the desolation in the earthquake’s destruction.

Fish says the landslides exacerbate an already desperate need. However, there’s a great opportunity, too. “For us to have the kind of relationship that we do that’s going to be sustained now for an extended period of time. It means that we’re going to be able to build the kind of relationships that are necessary so that ultimately we’ll be able to explain who we are in Christ, what the difference is between our faith and their faith, and we’re really praying expectantly that God’s going to use that in a way to expand His kingdom.”

If you’d like to help, contact International Aid through their information listed below.

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