Laos believers lose homes due to their faith

By September 2, 2022

Laos (MNN) — In the landlocked, Southeast Asian country of Laos, Christians risk much to follow Jesus.

Joe Handley of Asian Access says dozens of Christian leaders have seen their homes and churches torn down. “I know some people that had to completely abandon the town they’re in and go to some nearby city or nearby area, or even into the forest, just to rebuild their lives. Others have spent time in prison for what they’ve done, and eventually get let out. And they go right back to business as usual, starting the church again.”

“I think the reality is the government, for whatever reason, is intimidated by followers of Jesus.”

Laos has a state-sanctioned church, but the government keeps a tight rein on Gospel proclamation.

Asian Access works with other ministries, providing aid and even legal help to persecuted Christians. Handley says, “Please pray for these leaders facing this kind of persecution. And pray for those who are incarcerated. Sometimes they can serve terms of six months to five years or more. I’ve had both leaders from the sanctioned church and the underground churches begging us to come and help them with leadership training because they’re facing these things all the time.”

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The header photo shows a house owned by Christians after it has been torn down. (Photo courtesy of Asian Access)