Latin American Christians are going overseas as missionaries in large numbers.

By November 14, 2003

Latin America (MNN) — The work that God is doing through the gospel in Latin America is reaching into the entire world.

According to Ted Limpic of COMIBAM (Cooperation in Missions from Latin America), Latin Americans have sent some 6,000 of their own missionaries to serve Christ in countries and cultures other than their own. The numbers
are growing fast. A majority of these missionaries are making long-term, often life-long commitments to missionary service.

According to Latin America Mission , many missionaries from Latin America sell all they own to go to the field and live without medical and retirement plans.

Increasingly, for Latin Americans, Muslims, Buddhists and Hindus are not only objects of God’s love, but friends for whom prayers are being raised from all over Latin America. Latin Americans are learning how Muslims think. They are praying for them. They are engaging in their lives and not

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