Latin American church leaders trained via radio

By July 11, 2007

Latin America (MNN) — Trans World Radio knows that in Latin America, there are many church leaders who
have no access to Bible training, due to cost or travel restrictions.

Without qualified instructors and training materials, it's
difficult to grow the next generation of leaders. That's why TWR-Venezuela
initiated School of the Bible three years ago.

TWR-Venezuela Esecuela Biblica provides a radio
curriculum, complementary Bible correspondence courses, and CDs. The appeal has been steadily growing. This spring, TWR reports at least 50 leaders
who have formally registered to receive the lessons on CD and in print, in
addition to the radio broadcasts.

Courses are designed to accommodate the registrant's
learning pace, and many pastors have little formal education. The fourth
installment was recently completed, and now all four courses are available.

Once participants successfully finish the course, they
receive a certificate from RTM-Venezuela. 
In an effort to further encourage more church leaders throughout the region,
the program now airs from TWR's facilities in Uruguay,
Bonaire, Venezuela,
Chile and Cuba. Please pray that these courses bolster the church.

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