Laundry Basket offers Many Blessings

By February 27, 2007

USA (MNN) — You can help the homeless and hurting this Easter season.  All you need to do is fill an Easter basket.

City Team Ministries
will serve the many families who struggle to pay rent and utilities and can often not afford basic household and hygiene items.

This is where you come in to help Easter Basket of Blessings.  City Team San Jose, as well
as their six other locations, is collecting inexpensive laundry baskets filled with items such as shampoo, towels, soaps, detergents, cleaning supplies, toothbrushes and toothpaste, etc.

They are asking that each basket include an encouraging card. The baskets will then be delivered to the families who deeply need these items.

It is a great project for a family who wants to share their love during the holiday season.

This ministry is only part of City Team's outreach during Easter.  They also provide over 135,200 meals to low income families at all the cities they are located in.  "A nutritious meal can open the door to that life change for someone who is sleeping on the cold hard ground…hungry and scared…sick, friendless, hopeless," the San Jose newsletter said.

Just $1.89 can feed a hungry person in San Jose.  Donations will help clothe, feed, and provide shelter and other essential things for someone in need.  "If Easter is about anything, it's about personal rebirth, renewal and redemption," said City Team San Jose's newsletter.

San Jose alone expects to feed 54, 340 people.  To do this they need to raise $458,654 by April 4 at the latest.  You can learn all their locations and more at their website.

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